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Fire Safety for Disabled Persons and Caregivers
Links for Kids

Don't Play with Fire
Can you guess how many fires are started by kids every year...
2 or maybe 2000?
Every year, children start nearly 100,000 fires that hurt people and cause a lot of damage.
Playing with fire - lighters, matches
or candles - is a bad idea.

More Fire Safety Links
Prepareding for disasters is lifesaving.
Wildfires, Floods, Tornados and the like require a plan to survive.
Thanks to reader Melanie N. and her
Disaster Prepared pages for these contributions.

*Burn,Rake or Mow?
*Camping Fire Safety
*Grilling Safely
*Fireworks Safety

*On the Farm

Fire Safety Restaurant Kitchens

*Recently added links

Hot Water Burns Like Fire
Set the temperature of your hot water heater between 120° and 130°F to prevent scalding burns. It is important to keep in mind that a full thickeness burn can occur after just 1 second of contact with water that is at 158° F. Even at 130°F, a full thickness burn can occur after 30 seconds of contact, but it takes 10 minutes of contact to get a full thickness burn if the water temperature is lowered to 120° F.

National Fire Prevention Association
The Home Fireman


Burn Information
Types of burns and treatment
Burns & Healing

Shriners Hospitals Burn Aware

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The Percy R. Johnson Burn Foundation is a private, not for profit organization, dedicated to assisting burn survivors and their families. Supported projects include Camp I.S.M. The camp offers young burn survivors in Louisiana a summer camp atmosphere which promotes healing in a supportive community.

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